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We offer a full range of spa treatments and fitness services. Whether you are visiting us to relax and indulge in the spa, to improve your health or start your own fitness journey. We are happy to advise and guide you with your selection.

Bespoke Armathwaite Hall Treatments

A range of Treatments & products developed here in Cumbria exclusively for us. Utilising 100% natural ingredients our sensational new product range uses high quality essential oils to relax, uplift and refresh your body, mind and soul.

Comfort Zone

Drawing on Mediterranean influences but also the heritage of ancient cultures, this stylish Italian skincare brand´s principal guides are science and nature. Comfort Zone is an internationally recognised company partnering with luxury spas throughout the world. Their commitment to continuous innovation, drawing on phytotherapy, aromatherapy and the most modern biochemistry, deliver sublime sensory experiences but also extraordinary results.


SUNDÃRI is a distinctive collection of anti-aging skincare products created from the purest ingredients and rarest essences distilled from nature, SUNDÃRI blends modern science for immediate results with botanicals known through ancient wisdom.

SUNDÃRI combines adherence to Ayurvedic principles based on an ancient eastern philosophy with the finest quality ingredients from nature, delivering a holistic approach to wellness that results in outer radiance and inner serenity.

Little Butterfly

Introducing our exclusive new range of products for Mum and Baby...

Little Butterfly London - Precious skin deserves a promise - all LBL formulas are:

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