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For those who prefer the finer things in life, even when working out, Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa provides the perfect environment. There is everything you need to take a holistic approach to your health and well-being, including a fully-equipped gym, pool, steam room, sauna, hot tub, fitness studio, personal training services and more.

Classes are generally one hour long and are £5 per person for Non-Members, more information on our Spa Memberships can be found here.

Fitness classes must be booked in advance, please call the Spa Reception on 017687 88900.

Spin and ToneA Brilliant class for toning the muscles and burning fat! Combining classic spinning drills with bodyweight, core and explosive movements, giving the body a challenging workout!
Legs, Bums and TumsGreat class for the ladies, designed to improve muscle tone and strength endurance of the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and abdominal muscles. Regular attendance will help improve and define your body shape.
PilatesAngela Price is our very popular BASI Pilates Instructor who tailors the class to suit the needs of all participants. This class is for developing core strength, endurance and stabilisation, posture and improving flexibility. Caters for all abilities.
Water AerobicsThis is an exciting new twist on the aerobics class, based in the pool. A low impact class, working on all areas of the body, resisting against the water and integrating noodle exercises.
KettlebellsA Popular class utilising traditional kettlebells. During this class expect to lean a wide range of kettlebell moves and compound exercises designed to develop strength, Strength endurance, muscle co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness.
AerobicsA traditional class which involves low impact, energetic moves aimed to raise your heart rate and give you a full body workout.
Core and StretchWork the whole core through a balance routine of exercises structured to improve core stabilisation, strength and endurance, finishing off with a relaxing full body stretch.
HIITBodyweight explosive exercises for a set amount of time aimed to raise the heart rate followed with a short rest period. This interval style training is excellent for burning fat and pushing your body to its limit!
Boxing and AbsThis is a fun high impact class, including fitness principles of boxing, while working in pairs training with gloves and pads. The interval style class is focused on weight-loss and strength.
Body PowerIn BP you will learn advanced techniques using TRX suspension trainer which develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Utilising the TRX combined with weighted explosive compound exercises will push people a little further than they would normally push themselves in the gym.
Express SpinHigh intensity spinning session composed of sprint drills, uphill climbs and fast bursts of energy to blast fat and burn over 300 kcals in a short 30-minute routine. Highly effective class for improving cardio respiratory endurance, giving you a sharp endorphin hit before cooling down and stretching off.
Outdoor BootcampOutdoor bootcamp style class based around bodyweight exercises and military style training, keeping your body challenged. Fun class tailored to suit all abilities which takes place around our magnificent 400 acres of woodland grounds.
CircuitsHigh effective circuit style class incorporating a range of resistance exercises, bodyweight exercises, core exercises and plyometrics. Working across 8-12 different stations designed to challenge all the major muscles of the body.
Studio PumpStudio pump mainly focuses on barbell exercises with a lot of repetitions to tone up, get lean and build fitness levels.
Box-BellsA fun class, designed by our very own Personal Trainers! Box-Bells combines the moves and principles of boxing drills working in pairs along with traditional kettlebell moves to give you a fantastic workout. Expect to blast fat whilst developing strength, hand-eye co-ordination and technique in the outdoor environment when weather permits.
YogaOur experienced yoga teacher Rebecca Shepheard specialises in Yin and Yang Yoga. This class will calm and balance the mind and body whilst regulating energy in the body. If you need to increase mobility in the joints, this is the class for you!

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