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What to Bring With You on Your Spa Day

There is nothing more relaxing than a spa day. You can leave your worries behind and indulge in a relaxing environment.

But it may not be quite as relaxing if it is your first spa day and you are stressed about what to bring to the spa. First and foremost, you should bring what makes you comfortable – but to get the most out of your experience, try to prioritise rest and relaxation. You may not find it restful if you are glued to your phone all day – this is the perfect opportunity to get some respite from your daily stressors.

We are here with the full guide on what to bring with you on your first-ever spa day – so you can focus on relaxation and rejuvenation.

What to expect on the day

Before the day arrives, be sure to check the time of your booking to give yourself plenty of time to get to the spa. You do not want to miss out on any part of your spa experience because of unexpected traffic!

When you arrive, our wonderful and friendly spa team will greet you and walk you through your chosen spa package. You will be given your itinerary here, so if you have a meal or afternoon tea included in your spa package, our lovely team will let you know when and where you need to go. This means if you want to take a dip in our pool or spend time in our sauna or steam rooms before your meal, you will have time to dry off before you head to our Courtyard Brasserie or outdoor seating area.

Some of our packages come with a complimentary glass of fizz, and you can order this on the intercom next to our outdoor hot tub when you are ready for it. Nothing says relaxing more than a deliciously cold glass of bubbles! If your package comes with a non-alcoholic alternative, you can order this on the intercom when you are ready for it too.

If your package does not include a complimentary drink, do not worry – we offer a drinks service via our intercom! Just let us know what you would like, and our lovely spa host will deliver your favourite drink while you relax in our outdoor hot tub.

At this point, you can explore our gorgeous award-winning spa facilities. Discover our 16-metre infinity-edge pool, take in your stunning outdoor surroundings and pick a spot to lie back and relax.

If you have a meal or afternoon tea included in your spa package, a member of our spa team will come and collect you at the right time – and if you’ve been taking a dip in our pool or spending time in our saunas or steam rooms, you will have time to dry off before heading to our Courtyard Brasserie or outdoor seating area.

You are more than welcome to stay in your robe and slippers while you enjoy your delicious meal if you feel comfortable doing that – our Courtyard Brasserie has a warm, welcoming atmosphere! If you would rather change back into your clothes, that is fine too.

If your package includes a spa treatment, you will be advised to head to our spa lounge a few minutes before your treatment time, where you will be greeted by a friendly member of our team and taken to your private treatment room. With luxurious treatment beds, soothing lighting and stimulating aromatherapy, you will drift into a state of total relaxation as you receive a first-class facial, massage or body treatment.

If you have questions at any point, please do not hesitate to ask our spa team – they are here to make sure you have the most relaxing experience possible!

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What to take to a spa day

There are some essentials we would recommend you pack for a spa day.


Comfortable clothing and underwear

There are no rules on what you should wear to your spa day, but we recommend something comfortable – you are coming to relax, so you do not need to wear formal attire or anything that may be uncomfortable or restrictive! That goes for your underwear too – comfy is the name of the game here.

We highly recommend bringing swimwear so you can enjoy our infinity-edge pool or outdoor hot tub. You are more than welcome to wear this outside of the pool and hot tub, with or without our luxurious robes over the top.

You might want to throw in a pair of flip-flops so you can transition between the pool and our cloud-like slippers.


Toiletries to freshen up

If you indulge in a warming treatment, like a Hot Stone Massage, or you take advantage of our steam and sauna rooms, you will probably want to shower off afterwards to freshen up. We provide you with luxurious Temple Spa goodies for your shower, including shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion – and if you really love the product, full-sized versions are available to purchase at the spa. Bringing deodorant with you means you will leave our spa feeling not only renewed but also fresh.

Remember to bring some moisturiser too so your skin maintains the effects of a facial you may treat yourself to. Even if you are not enjoying a powerful and proven facial, we always recommend moisturising after showering to replenish your skin. Lip balm is an essential too – as a bonus, you can use it to protect your lips in the hot tub or pool!


Hair bobbles and grips

If you have hair long enough to tie back, you might want to do that when using our pool or outdoor hot tub. There is no obligation to do so, but this should be a consideration if you do not want to get it wet!


Optional: entertainment

We understand that everyone unwinds in different ways. For some, simply laying back and taking in your surroundings is enough to provide mental clarity. Others prefer to snooze or lie back with their eyes closed.

If you like to stay engaged in something, we welcome you bringing books, magazines or e-readers and a device to listen to music on. Just be sure to keep them away from our pool and hot tub!


What we will provide you with

When you have a spa day at Armathwaite Hall, you will get a luxuriously fluffy robe and equally cloud-like slippers to relax in on our loungers, around the pool or in our hush room.

We also have plenty of dining and drink options available – so if your spa package does not include a meal and you decide you would like to stay for one, just ask for our recommendations!

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What to wear on your spa day

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to what to wear on your spa day. We would recommend staying in your swimsuit swim shorts or bikini with our robe over the top, but you could also dress in your relaxing clothes in-between dips in the pool or our indulgent outdoor hot tub.

This might suit you better when you are in our communal areas – but if you are comfortable in your swimsuit, it is totally up to you and your own comfort levels!

If you are taking advantage of our first-class gym facilities or taking a fitness class while you are here, we recommend whatever fitness gear you prefer – be that yoga pants and a crop-top or looser-fitting joggers and big shirts – and trainers. Again, it is up to you!


How should you wear your hair in a spa?

If you have long hair, we find it is best to wear it tied back – whether that is in a high ponytail or messy bun. You can wear it down if you prefer, but we find that long hair can get in our faces – and that is not relaxing!

If you have shorter hair that you want to keep out of your face, you can push it back with a hairband, grips or gel to keep it in place.

Keeping your hair back means you can get the most out of your experience without your hair getting in the way. If you are getting a treatment like a massage or facial, your therapist may request that you keep your hair tied or slicked back so that they can deliver your treatment effectively.


Should you wear makeup to a spa?

You definitely do not need to wear makeup to the spa. In fact, we recommend you take this opportunity to let your skin breathe and your natural beauty shine through!

It is best to not wear makeup in our pool and outdoor hot tub, so we recommend you remove it before you use these facilities. We can provide you with makeup remover and a wonderful toning essence – these are available to all our guests. In this case, if you choose to wear makeup, you might want to bring some to reapply afterwards.

You will need to remove any makeup before you have a facial; our innovative and highly effective ingredients cannot penetrate your skin through makeup.

Bring an overnight bag if you are staying

If you are joining us for our Escape Spa Break or another overnight spa break, do not forget your overnight bag with the essentials:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Something to sleep in.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Phone charger.

Let us know…

There are a few things you should let us know before you arrive – for example, tell us if you are pregnant. You can absolutely enjoy a spa day when pregnant, and there are some considerations to take into account. If you are expecting a bundle of joy, we can recommend the most suitable treatments for you that will not disturb your precious bump.

Tell us if you have any medical conditions that might affect your stay or any treatments – for example, if you have eczema, we can ensure our treatments use ingredients that will soothe your skin instead of further irritating it.

Do not be afraid to guide your therapist if you are having a treatment, particularly with massages – by letting us know if you prefer hard or soft pressure, we can ensure our massage is the relaxing and enjoyable experience you are expecting.


Do not worry…

If you fall asleep during your spa experience! Our spa is designed to be a relaxing haven, so falling asleep during your treatment or in your super-comfortable lounger is totally normal. That is a sign that you are experiencing extreme relaxation – meaning your spa day is a success!

There we have it – that is everything you need to know ahead of your first spa day. There is nothing to worry about, so sit back and enjoy your first spa day experience.

If you have not yet booked a spa experience, do not delay – book today!


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