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Armathwaite Hall Sustainability Statement

Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa is set in a 400-acre estate in the natural beauty of the Lake District, so we are especially passionate about sustainability and protecting the environment.

Our sustainability commitment is exemplified across all of our activities, from our hotel and spa management to a number of conservation and green initiatives we carry out on the estate and via the Lake District Wildlife Park.

Armathwaite spa products

All the products we use in our award-winning spa are sourced responsibly and with sustainability in mind. We are partnered with VOYA, an organic brand that operates in an environmentally conscious way. VOYA has a partnership with Plastic Bank and has pledged to reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in the ocean by two million over the next two years.

VOYA is transparent about its ingredients and sourcing. For example, the seaweed used in its products is harvested sustainably and the brand recommends adding it into your garden once you’ve used the product to share its goodness back into the earth.

Tree-planting on the Armathwaite Hall estate

Armathwaite Hall is surrounded by beautiful ancient woodland and we are committed to protecting this natural wonder. We regularly plant new trees in this area, and have grown 10,000 new trees in the past 15 years. These trees reduce our net CO2 output and provide essential habitats for the wildlife on the estate.

As well as planting trees, Armathwaite Hall plants local wildflowers and spring bulbs to keep the estate in pristine condition and provide essential pollen to our bees. Our rare-breed cattle graze our land, encouraging a diverse ecosystem of flowers, insects and plants to thrive while keeping the grass strong.

Supporting the World Land Trust

As well as our own sustainable initiatives at the Armathwaite Hall estate, we have supported the World Land Trust for a number of years to protect vital land and animal habitats. We were inspired to support the World Land Trust by the Lake District Wildlife Park’s Brazilian tapirs!

Conservation at the Lake District Wildlife Park

Protecting the environment is about more than reducing waste and harmful emissions. Our conservation efforts are helping a range of endangered animals thrive.

SEED Madagascar Conservation for lemurs

Lemurs are critically endangered because of poaching and habitat loss. To combat this, we donate to SEED Madagascar, which provides education on health, sanitation and the importance of conservation in Madagascar. We have three different lemur species at the Lake District Wildlife Park that we nurture – the red ruffed, black and white and ring-tailed lemurs.

Red panda conservation

Red pandas are another endangered species, due to poaching and habitat loss through deforestation. Our two red pandas are part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, meaning we are helping to support the continued thriving of this beloved species. We host educational talks on red panda conservation at the Lake District Wildlife Park and make annual donations to the Red Panda Network.

International Vulture Programme

Hooded and turkey vultures are endangered because of habitat loss, hunting and poisoning. We are fortunate to raise two of these vultures at the Lake District Wildlife Park and we raise awareness of their endangered status with our Bird of Prey flying displays. As well as this, we are proud to donate to the International Vulture Programme.


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