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We offer a range of fitness analysis and screening, personal training, nutritional advice and a full program of varied classes. Our friendly team of Personal Trainers and Spa staff are at your disposal to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals.
For more information or to book your treatment, please call The Spa on 017687 88900.

40 minutes £60.00
55 minutes  £80.00

Working on specific problem areas this massage will involve deep tissue massage, manipulation, stretching and mobilization.

25 minutes £50.00
40 minutes £60.00
55 minutes £85.00

Massage and manipulation of tense, stressed muscles to alleviate pain and sensitivity.

30 minutes   £30.00

Four key health tests which provide an indication of your current health and potential risk factors for lifestyle disease. A full report is provided giving you the guidance to make necessary lifestyle adjustments.

15 minutes   £10.00

Cholesterol levels and glucose levels are two indicators of your overall well-being. This short test gives you a deeper insight into your overall health.

15 minutes   £15.00

Body Composition Analysis is one of the best measures of assessing health based on body size, taking into account the percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in your body.

45 minutes   £35.00

A comprehensive fitness evaluation assessing all core components of fitness enabling you to learn more about your body, pinpointing both strengths and weak areas for future improvement.

60 minutes   £45.00

A full assessment of health related fitness, measuring seven key components to ensure your exercise regime fits your needs.

30 minutes   £30.00

Whether for weight management, sporting performance or general well-being, our team of experts will provide you with an efficient nutritional strategy to optimise your health.

60 minutes   £35.00

Tailor made for your lifestyle, whether that is in the gym, home or the office.

60 minutes   £35.00

New in the gym or lacking motivation? Why not let one of our instructors put you through your paces.

120 minutes   £55

Let one of our instructors put you through your paces with 2 x 45 minute training session plus a 30 minute personal stretching session.

6 week course £180

Look and feel your best on your wedding day with our Bridal Bootcamp. This package includes 6 weeks of personal training (1 hour per week), access to 2 fitness classes per week, a personalised training programme, nutritional advice, analysis and healthy eating tips and a before and after fitness assessment.

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